After a cardiac event or surgery, many patients are recommended to receive as much as 12 months of cardiac rehab, along with education on lifestyle changes that can improve function and quality of life. Unfortunately, some insurances still leave patients with an $80 copay for each session, resulting in patients being financially unable to participate in a program so vital to their well-being. Fortunately, Impetus provides this service for the same reasonable rate for all clients, whether they have good insurance, not-so-good insurance, or no insurance at all. 

Impetus PT can help you 'keep the ball rolling.' For those who remain motivated to improve your level of fitness and performance, Impetus PT offers a great environment to help you reach your goals with safety and supervision.

Impetus PT provides services on an out-of-network basis, which means that the patient gets to decide when to come and how often. We are physical therapy, OTC.

Find out more here about the details of cardiac rehab.