I recall years ago, a good friend of mine, who had recently rediscovered the joys of being active. With all children grown and out of the house, she spent many a day hiking the lakeside trails in Greensboro with friends from her Church.

This was an activity that previously had brought on anxiety, for she had a long history of 'weak ankles,' and was fearful or the rooty, rocky terrain. After finally seeking help from a physical therapist, she regained her function and confidence and now awakens each day, ready to take on the world. 

Repeated ankle sprains can result in a state of chronic instability and weakness that drastically limits function and puts safety at risk. Physical therapy seeks to restore ankle mobility and motor control, so that not another one of life's moments need be missed. Regain your confidence in the yard, at the beach, and beyond.

Let Impetus Physical Therapy utilize their expert skills to restore your function and your confidence. Because life sometimes includes sandy beaches, gravel country roads, or even a muddy stable, we're here to get you moving again.