Neck pain...when is the last time you had to stop reading? Or, did you feel unsafe changing lanes, because you just couldn't turn your head enough to adequately look? Neck pain can add serious challenges to daily life. 

Neck pain, with or without associated headache, is reported by 10-20% of Americans at any given moment, leading to headache and limited motion. The prevalence of neck pain increases with age, and typically affects women five times more often than men. The fact that many of these people will live with neck pain for as long as 6 months leads us to say please don't wait to see a PT!

Impetus PT offers a hands-on manual therapy approach, as well as individualized tips on how to take an active role in your own recovery. Our in-depth evaluation will guide us to the best treatment options available. We'll get you back to life as you know it!

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