Runners Get Injured

80% of runners will experience some type of injury each year. Running injuries can feel devastating, hindering training goals, and limiting the physical activity that keeps so many of us sane throughout the week. Let Impetus keep you running strong! 

Why is good help so hard to find?

Often times, the 'just stop running' answer, does little to fix the problem. If you are injured, trying to get help can be tedious. You've done this before, right? You continue to run another week, thinking 'no big deal, it'll get better.' When it doesn't get better, you call your doctor to make an appointment, which takes another week. At that visit, your GP refers you to a specialist, which means waiting another week...or two. Eventually, a month after the injury happened, you see the specialist and get sent to physical therapy to finally start getting better. What a wild goose chase!  

Impetus Physical Therapy thinks that you deserve better. The longer it takes for a patient to receive care, the longer it takes to resolve those issues. The traditional health care model often means precious time lost, money wasted.

The running specialist in Greensboro, nc

Come directly to Impetus and let us help you get the ball rolling today! We do not require a physician referral for treatment. We also have extended hours and can see you often within 48 hours. Still not sure? We offer a free 10-minute phone consultation to answer all of your questions first. Contact us today to set up an appointment. 

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If you missed the talk at RunnerDude's Fitness about flexibility for runners, here are the handouts! Feel free to contact us with any questions!