Impetus PT Makes Access to Quality Care Simple


Impetus PT practices a business model driven by quality and value for the patient. That means we are dedicated to providing the highest quality care available. We build relationships with our patients, providing unprecedented personalized attention. 

Emphasizing manual therapy, soft tissue work, stretching, therapeutic exercise, and patient education, we embody patient-centered care that empowers people to take control of their own wellbeing. We strive to put greater emphasis on wellness and prevention services, and do this by operating as an out-of-network provider.

This means shorter treatments and fewer missed days at work. This also means that Impetus doesn't make clinical decisions based on reimbursement schedules, nor do we offer services solely because insurance will pay for them.  Everyone deserves quality care, whether they have great insurance or no insurance, and that's how we do business.  

At this time, Impetus Physical Therapy does not file insurance for any services offered; however, certain insurance companies may provide reimbursement to patients who participate with out of network providers. We keep our rates comparable to the average out-of-pocket cost so patients can focus on their wellness instead of worrying about their wallet. Depending on the copay, many patients will actually save money by coming directly to Impetus. 

What does direct access mean?

All 50 states have recognized the professional training and expertise of PTs, having removed out-dated provisions requiring a physician's referral to seek the care of a physical therapist. Unfortunately, most insurance companies still require physician referral before providing reimbursement. This referral mandate by payers causes unnecessary delay in patient treatment, limits on the number visits, and sometimes no treatment at all. 

In the direct access model, patients go directly to see a physical therapist by self referral. Payment is usually between the patient and the clinic directly, without third party complication. This allows patients to access skilled care on an 'as needed' basis, the same way you might schedule a sick visit with your primary care doctor. 

On average, patients who visit a PT directly for outpatient care have 86% fewer visits than those referred by a physician. Physical Therapist education supports practice without referral and is proven to be safe. Physical Therapists are licensed, health care professionals who diagnose and manage movement dysfunction and enhance the physical and functional status in all age populations from newborn to elderly. 

Patient Driven health care

Our treatment sessions are catered to each patient based on need, tolerance, and goals. Billing based on an hourly rate, rather than fee-for-service, keeps our focus more attuned to the patient, and prevents third-party payers from dictating or influencing treatments. Impetus believes that making the best clinical decision should be between the patient and the therapist alone. 

This model allows us to chose treatments and interventions that are cutting-edge and supported by the latest empirical research, rather than making clinical decisions based on reimbursement technicalities.  For you, the patient, this means better outcomes and faster outcomes. 

All too often, options for medical care are limited by loop holes and technicalities. We prefer a simpler option. Our business model also allows us to provide services that are not typically covered by insurance. This empowers the patient to take control of their well being, and seek out preventative and wellness services as they are needed. It allows patients the ability to seek rehab services before their pain or disability becomes overwhelming.

Can you imagine having to go to your physician every time you had a headache, a cold, or allergies. Can you imagine needing a prescription to access over-the-counter (OTC) Aspirin or Benadryl? What if you had to file with insurance each time you walked into the drug store to buy some eye drops? This is the current predicament with access with physical therapy. Impetus is ready to make things easier for everyone. 

Here's a side by side comparison of how Impetus saves patients money and time. 

our rates

Rates are as follows: Payment-in-full is expected at the time of treatment 

10-Minute Phone consultation

  • Complimentary! Not sure if physical therapy is the first place to go? Contact us today to schedule a brief consult and we'll make sure you are headed in the right direction. 

Physical Therapy Evaluation

  • 60 minutes @  $83

Physical Therapy Treatment Session

  • 45-minute appointments: $62.25 (standard treatment time) 

  • 30-minute appointments: $41.50 (for short follow-up sessions or 2x/weekly patients)

Running Wellness and Diagnostic: gait analysis & injury screening

  • 60-minutes: $83.00 

Athletic/ Professional Injury Screening

  • $28 when scheduled one-on-one. Screenings are FREE for Police and Fire Fighters. Participants must be injury free at time of screening. Contact us for team rates. Impetus offers FREE collegiate and high school athletic injury screenings twice monthly in a group setting. 

*Although we do not accept medicaid, MediCAID Rate are available to assist those with financial need

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