A comprehensive assessment of the patient, including everything from medical history to functional movement assessment, and everything in between. We take the time to dive deep and discover your capabilities and limitations. These typically take 60-90 minutes, depending on a number of factors, but we know that one size does not fit all. Each patient is different and may require a little additional time to be thorough.   

Physical Therapy TREATMENT 

A personally catered plan often combining manual therapy, strengthening, balance training, stretching, dynamic stability, and motor control, in addition to many other things. Each session is specified to the particular needs of the patient, typically between 30 and 60 minutes. Treatment sessions at Impetus take extra time to focus on patient education, a difference that helps patients get better in fewer than half the sessions needed at a typical PT clinic on average.   

INJURY RISK Prevention and Reduction

Designed to identify risk factors for acute traumatic injuries, we utilize the several of the latest assessment tools to help identify risk of injury in sport or on the job. These take approximately 15-20 minutes. 


Ideal for any sport requiring agility with mild to heavy levels of physical contact, including but not limited to Football, Cross Country, Lacrosse, Soccer, Basketball, Cross-fit, and Hockey.  Ages 13+ only, and participants must be uninjured.

*Contact us for details on team screenings. 


Ideal for physically demanding jobs and 'tactical athletes' such as armed forces, Police, and Fire Fighters.

*These screenings are FREE of charge to Police and Fire Fighters to demonstrate our thanks for their service.

Running Assessment & Diagnostics

Impetus PT offers hands down THE MOST comprehensive running evaluation in the area. This is the key to preventing injury, maximizing fitness, and taking your running to the next level. Here is just a sample of what is included:

  • Training recommendations
  • Gait correction education
  • Our proprietary multi-stage gait analysis
  • Full physical therapy assessment of strength, range of motion, and  balance and dynamic stability. 
  • Education on heart-rate training
  • Personalized strength and conditioning program
  • *Optional VO2 Max testing

Schedule an appointment today! Runners interested in this service should be uninjured at the time of assessment. 

Impetus Physical Therapy is Changing the Lives of Runners at All Levels 

"The Runner's Tune-up was one of the best things I've done to improve my running career.  I have been running for over 20 years, and minor recurring injuries kept popping up, sometimes leaving me to cross-train for months.  Dr. Buccola looked at the entire picture of me as a runner: my training habits, overall health, flexibility, stride, gait, form, and so much more.  With this thorough assessment, he was able to pinpoint specific ways for me to avoid further injury by improving my form and increasing strength.  I received so much valuable information in our session; I am now a much more conscience and confident runner.  Everyone who runs, from beginners to advanced runners, will get so much out a Runner's Tune-up session with Impetus PT."  -Tara W.  

2014 Greensboro Marathon @ mile mark 2

2014 Greensboro Marathon @ mile mark 2