How Does Dry Needling Fit into Physical Therapy?

In physical therapy, restoration of movement and management of pain go hand in hand. Done properly, this means addressing all systems of the body that are involved. Trigger point dry needling is just one of many manual therapies used to address soft tissue dysfunction. This unique, evidence-based manual therapy helps quickly and accurately address painful restrictions in muscles tissue. Dry needling can be a power tool in restoring motion, improving pain, and getting people back to life sooner! 

What is Trigger Point Dry Needling? Is it Acupuncture? 

Dry needling may look similar to acupuncture, but it is indeed quite different from that mainstay of Chinese medicine. Dry needling uses a similar style needle to directly target 'trigger points,' or small knots in muscle tissue. These trigger points can generate pain, decrease muscle performance, and cause limitations in movement. The needling techniques create and instantaneous twitch and release of the trigger point. Dry needling is revered for its powerful effects and quick results, and when utilized with other traditional physical therapy practice, can help patients achieve their goals more quickly. 

Dry Needling Means Faster Results for You

Physical therapists are the practitioners of choice when it comes to movement related dysfunction, prevention of traumatic injuries in athletes, falls in the elderly, and so much more! Our clients are passionate about being active and they're in it for the long haul. Being able to offer Dry Needling is just one more way Impetus is able to have such a meaningful impact for patients. We don't simple address one type of tissue (joints v. muscles), and we don't specialize in any one area of the body (spine v. knee): we address all of these things to create well-rounded care for our patients. It's just one more reason that Impetus has built a reputation for being among the most thorough clinics in the area.  

Impetus Physical Therapy Has No Extra Charges for Dry Needling

Because most insurance companies do not reimburse for this service, clinics often charge an additional fee on top of the patient's copay. Impetus is different. Impetus charges one low hourly rate, which includes all services needed to get the job done. Patients pay for their time, no for each service provided. 

I've recently written a blog post addressing frequently asked questions about dry needling.

You can learn more about Functional Dry Needling from an article by the American Physical Therapy Association.