"An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." 

-Ben Franklin


Impetus PT doesn't simply restore loss of function: we seek to prevent it in the first place. Physical therapists are the practitioners of choice when it comes to movement related dysfunction, prevention of traumatic injuries in athletes, falls in the elderly, and so much more! Our clients are passionate about being active and they're in it for the long haul. 


The role of the physical therapist in the 21st century has continued to grow. As of 2013, entry level therapists now enter the work force with doctorate level education, receiving additional coursework in pharmacology, diagnostic imaging, and evidence-based medicine. This allows patients quicker access to help for movement related problems, and a comprehensive evaluation to refer patients out for more serious matters.


The American Physical Therapy Association has been preparing all in the profession to be adequately prepared as direct access practitioners, serving as an autonomous entry-point of the healthcare system. This is a part of an overarching goal of the American Healthcare System to get patients the care they need--- faster--- to reduce unnecessary medical expenses.


Impetus Physical Therapy operates out-of-network, removing limitations and restrictions of insurance reimbursement. Because we charge a flat rate for all patients and all services, patients are empowered to seek the care they need, at the level they need, based on their personal goals. This allows Impetus PT a chance to provide specialty service such as injury screenings, wellness programs, and others, that would otherwise not be covered by most insurance plans. 

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