Physical therapists are licensed, healthcare professionals who diagnose and treat movement related dysfunction and/or pain, and enhance the physical and functional status in all age populations from newborn to elderly.

PTs are educated with at the doctoral level now, with an emphasis in more readily receiving patients directly, serving as a new entry point to the healthcare system. The additional education requirements allow PTs to more accurately screen for more complex medical problems that may require the attention of another medical profession. 

Physical therapists treat a continuum of medical problems, with an emphasis in helping patients improve their strength, flexibility, joint mobility, balance, dynamic stability, endurance, activity tolerance, cognition, swelling management, pain, and functional mobility. The list of treatable diagnoses is long. Below is just a sample of some things physical therapy can help with. 

Ankle and Foot

Achilles Tendinopathy, Plantar Fasciitis, Heel Pain, Ankle Sprains, Calf Strains, Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy, 'Shin Splints', General Stiffness, Osteoarthritis, Chronic Ankle Instability (CAI).


ACL Tears, Patella Femoral Pain Syndrome (PFPS), Bursitis, Iliotibial Band Syndrome (ITBS), Osteoarthritis (OA), Meniscus Tears, Patellar Tendinopathy, Quadriceps Strain, Hamstrings Strain, Popliteus Tendinopathy, Plica Syndrome.


Osteoarthritis, Bursitis, Groin Strain, Hip Impingement, Total/Partial Hip Replacement, Pelvic Pain, Sacroiliac Pain Pain, Piriformis Syndrome, Hamstrings Syndrome, Sciatica, Post-partum Abdominal Weakness, Innominate Rotation, Femoroacetabular Impingement Syndrome, Iliotibial Band Syndrome, Femoral Anterior Cutaneous Nerve Pain.


Facet Syndrome, Disc Problems, Central Back Pain, Radiating Back Pain, Rib Pain, Spinal Stenosis, Muscle Spasms, Postural Changes, Spondylosis, Osteoarthritis, Ankylosing Spondylosis. 

Neck AND HEad

General Neck Pain, Neck Stiffness, Cervicogenic Headache, Osteoarthritis, Spinal Stenosis, Whiplash Associated Disorder. 


Frozen Shoulder/ Adhesive Capsulitis, Labral Tears, Slap Lesions, Rotator Cuff Tears/ Tendinopathy, Chronic Shoulder Dislocation/Instability, Shoulder Impingement, Biceps Tendinopathy, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. 


Medial Epicondylalgia, Lateral Epicondylalgia, Golfer's Elbow, Tennis Elbow, Cubital Tunnel Syndrome.

Wrist And Hand

Osteoarthritis, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome.


Impetus also provides services for Cardiac Rehab, Cancer Support, and various other chronic neurological conditions such as Parkinson's Disease (PD) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS.) Please contact us with any questions about how we can help you!

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