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Impetus was recently selected as one of the top 13 PT clinics in the Piedmont Triad and ranked in the top 3 in Greensboro! 


Highest Level of Personalized CAre 

Impetus Physical Therapy is a sole-practitioner PT clinic located in Revolution Mill in Greensboro, NC. Impetus PT provides two services: improving movement quality and decreasing movement related pain.

Whereas many PT clinics provide a ‘cookbook’ recipe approach for their patients based on a specific diagnosis, Dr. Allan Buccola creates a personalized plan of care for each patient, unique to the needs of that patient. This allows for the best outcome for every patient after something like a hip replacement, whether they are a gardener or a professional cyclist.

Impetus provides non-invasive ways to resolve pain and improve function. In many cases, patients are able to find alternatives to injections, surgeries, and prolonged use of pain killers, that are just as effective. This saves people time and money

Top LEvel Running Expertise and more!

Although a considered a specialist in running injuries and wellness, Impetus also works to resolve a wide variety of client complaints that are not running related. A third of our patients are seen for office related aches and pain. From muscle strains, to joint sprains, sports rehabilitation and sports-injury screenings, we provide solutions to a wide variety of North Carolinians. 

Impetus also works with individuals with chronic neurological disorders like MS, Parkinson's, and Stroke. A unique set-up allows Impetus the ability to help these individuals even after benefits run out. We help promote life-long wellness through improvement of balance, chronic pain, and cardiovascular fitness. 

Building a Relationship with Every Patient

Impetus works with a wide variety of people. We strive to engage each patient as an individual, because we know that each person has a unique story, disposition, and circumstances that will determine how best they will respond to treatment. We go out of our way to be great listeners. We make extra efforts to assure that each person has a unique experience with unprecedented personalized care.

Impetus offers scheduling in the evenings and on the weekends. We provide physical therapy services at an affordable rate whether you have great insurance, bad insurance, or no insurance. Our focus is to educate clients on how best they can manage their condition and improve their wellness. Our business model makes access to physical therapy easier and more simple than ever before! Let Impetus change your life today! 


"The force or energy with which a body moves."

-The Oxford Dictionary

What moves you?

Whether it's passion for the outdoors, the drive to break a personal record, or trying to keep up with little ones: Impetus Physical Therapy in Greensboro, NC will help you start again. At Impetus, we believe that physical therapy improves lives and livelihood. Our goal is to make it easier than ever before for ALL people to access physical therapy. 


How will Impetus help you?

If your daily function, performance, or quality of life are limited, Impetus Physical Therapy is here to help! We can help you manage a wide variety of movement related dysfunction caused by pain, weakness, or injury. As physical therapists, we utilize a non-invasive, hands-on approach, and provide individualized treatment plans to obtain better and faster outcomes. 

  • "After I injured my back moving, Allan was able to fit me into his schedule at the last minute...[more]" -Michael W.

  • "[...]Dr. Buccola asked questions and really listened...[more]" -Jennifer R.

  • "[...]In a word---I want to be treated with respect. This is exactly my experience from being treated by Dr. Buccola ...[more]" -Aaron P.

  • "[...]His diagnostic skills are excellent, and his treatment plan always worked well...[more]" -Jack W.




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