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Impetus was recently selected as one of the top 13 PT clinics in the Piedmont Triad and ranked in the top 3 in Greensboro! 



"The force or energy with which a body moves."

-The Oxford Dictionary

Highest Level of Personalized CAre 

Impetus Physical Therapy is a sole-practitioner PT clinic located in Revolution Mill in Greensboro, NC. Impetus PT improves movement quality and decreases movement related pain.

Many PT clinics provide a ‘cookbook’ approach: Impetus offers a higher degree of specificity and expertise to create powerful outcomes. This keeps people doing what they love, whether they are a gardener or a professional cyclist.

Traditional physical therapy settings offer practitioners that are too generalized, often lacking the expertise to return patients to high performance. These patients are typically under stimulated, bored, and have to attend therapy for too many visits for too long! Impetus takes a novel approach, revolutionizing rehabilitation and healthcare. This saves people time and money

Top LEvel Running Expertise and more!

Impetus is a destination for all types of runners, but also sees a wide variety of client complaints that are not running related. From muscle strains, to joint sprains, sports rehabilitation and sports-injury screenings, we provide solutions to many. Human movement is our specialty.  

Building a Relationship with Every Patient

Each patient is an individual, their story unique. Most of what we need to know we can gather simply listening: what a concept for healthcare! We make extra efforts to assure that each person has a unique experience with unprecedented personalized care. Check out some of our reviews!

Flexible Scheduling

Impetus offers scheduling in the evenings and weekends when needed. We provide physical therapy at an affordable rate as a part of our mission to improve access to healthcare for all! Our ultimate goal is to educate clients on self-management. Our business model makes access to physical therapy easier and more simple than ever before! Let Impetus change your life today! 

What moves you?

Whether it's passion for the outdoors, attempting a PR, or trying to keep up with little ones: Impetus Physical Therapy will help you arrive. At Impetus, we believe that physical therapy improves lives. Our goal is to make it easier than ever before for ALL people to access physical therapy. 

Patient-Centric CAre

Patients are self referred to Impetus. Care is not dictated by a physician. Care is not limited by your insurance company. Impetus does not exist to sell patients double-digit treatment packages. We are not sales people. Impetus is a consultant to all people who want to understand and use their body better. Plain and simple.




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